How it works for Developers, Landlords & Sellers

Whether you’re a landlord or occupier, if you need a fast sale for your property, or a quick route to a responsible rental, we have the answer. Rent2Own will even consider buying any type of property from a single purchase to a complete portfolio, in any condition and anywhere in the country.

We will cut out fees, and deliver you a solution that provides predictability, whether that’s a quick sale, or a guaranteed rental agreement with a responsible tenant – and an option for sale at an agreed price in the future. Either way, you know where you stand when you agree to proceed with Rent2Own.

So if you’re looking to liquidate your position perhaps due to divorce or separation, relocating, broken chain, health problems, retirement, redundancy, or wondering how to ensure your rental income and reduce rental voids, we can help. Are you in the negative equity trap and cannot sell your property? Is the threat of repossession looming, are you experiencing a refinancing or financing problem? Do you have a probate house that you have inherited which has become a burden? By listening to your needs we can give all the help possible in a way that works best for you.

Rent2Own may be able to cover your fixed costs – mortgage, buildings insurance, rates and utilities while we complete agreements and our commitments are always covered by binding legal contracts made through our approved solicitors.

Our Rent2own service can even help existing homeowners to sell using ‘rent to sell’, for example, people who are in need of a property sale but their house is in negative equity. Many vendors and landlords are taking advantage and securing a sale through a tool called ‘lease options’ coupled with rent to sell. There are many other ways we can apply our services but of course it is dependent on you as everyone’s financial situations, needs and aspirations are different. Our lease option service is free and due to the flexible nature of lease options it is possible to structure a strategy to completely suit your circumstances.

If you are a landlord, speak to us about arranging an exit strategy to suit your needs. We may be able to buy your house, or guarantee your rental income with a sale option. Our tenants have generally made a purchase commitment – ensuring they will look after your property as if it was their own. When they are financially ready to buy your property we actively work to assist them in securing an appropriate mortgage through a recommended mortgage broker.

If you wish to sell your house, unsold housing development stock or any size property portfolio through this system do not hesitate to contact us on the freephone number 08000 126 896 or to find out more click here now, and discover the solution to your current property problems.

Rent2Own have a network of delegates who will be able to provide this same service nationwide, no matter where you are in the UK.

“The most important part of a home is the people inside it.”