Here are just a few clients we have helped over the last five years:

Mr and Mrs De-Maurie: “This is a thank you letter for helping me with my property. I could no longer afford to pay my mortgage and my health was deteriorating and I could no longer cope with a big house. You came to see me after me contacting you. You were very friendly and helpful and explained everything. I have lived in the house for 27 years and you enabled me to walk away with a clear conscious and be debt free. If it was not for you I would not have been repossessed and would still have to had to pay back a lot of the money, but now I am settled and contented in my new home. Thank you once again to all of the team for helping me with a happier future.” Yours sincerely, Mr and Mrs De-Maurie, Rubery, Birmingham.

Ray and Julie: “I had recently been made redundant, my wife and I were worried about losing our family home as we couldn’t afford the monthly mortgage payments. We contacted several online property companies. After a conversation with these guys they put our minds at rest and reassured us they were able to help. We completed on a sale and moved out to a more affordable home. Many thanks.” Ray & Julie Wilkins, Worcestershire.

Bob and Marion: Nearing retirement age, Bob and Marion just wanted peace of mind. Life in the town was tiring and their house had stood empty for more than 12 months. The local estate agent had been unable to help, it was a huge emotional drain for them. They called us and a simple agreement was reached at the house. They would receive monthly payments from us and we would be responsible for the maintenance and security until we bought the property within 48 months at a price that they wanted. They have peace of mind and are now enjoying their country retreat to the full.

Lee and Caron: were left in the cold when the market froze. Since they’d moved on their beautiful 2 bedroomed semi had become a liability and a worry. Who can afford two sets of payments for long? We offered to mind the mortgage and all other costs on the house until we bought it within 60 months at a price that was right for them. The paperwork was quickly sorted and a family moved in the same day. Caron and Lee got the freedom they wanted.

David and Sammy Jo; have been together for more than seven years and always dreamed of owning their own home. Both hard workers, they were struggled to get a big deposit together and become first time buyers. When they heard about Rent to Own it seemed like the perfect solution! They are now very happy and settled in their new home and actively encouraging others to benefit from Rent to Own. As David says, “It’s a brilliant way to get started”…Why not call us on 08000 126 896 to find out more?

“The most important part of a home is the people inside it.”